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My name is Maria Eugenia Garza Pérez, but I've been called Ginny since I was born. I have recently turned 17, but I don't want to grow up. I love reading books, specially those by my favourite writer Diana Wynne Jones.
I'm fickle, and a procrastinator, and a good-for-nothing. I have a part-time jobas a cashier, but I'm saving that money for buying doujinshi when I can get my credit card.
I like manga, specially those that really make me laugh, like Azumanga Daioh! and Yotsuba&. Bleach is the only manga I'm following, since I just usually download manga that is finished. I like anime, but since it's so hard to get I'm not really into it right now. But I love Ghibli movies! I have about 10 of them, and I love them all! Sen to Chihiro is my favourite movie ever, hehe...
I love writing snail mail letters and making new friends.


Moving Castle, the official Hauru no Ugoku Shiro/Howl's Moving Castle movie fanlisting. Probably will be expanded to a complete site, but in some distant future.
Royalty, the official Kabu/Turnip the Scarecrow (Hauru no Ugoku Shiro) fanlisting. Soon to be expanded to a shrine.


This website is named after my favourite Roman god, planet and element, Mercury. Neo (means "new" in latin) was added after all of my files were erased from my computer and I lost everything therefore, I started the version count again :D. The image is by Haruhiko Mikimoto and found in Celestial-Star.NET. It was made in Adobe Photoshop 7 and Notepad to code it. Please feel free to link us using a text link or you can use this button. Remember not to direct link!

If you link us, be sure to tell me so I can link you back :D.

Here are a few sites that I really like! Go visit!
Impossibility Scanlations Tigermilk MB Soulmilk


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